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What settles into me
This deepness
This sinking feeling
How the gloom sets in
Comes as it wishes
Never leaving to my pleading
Quickly Falling
The air hangs low
While this feeling
Reaches the bottom
How I wish
Everything would end
Sometime soon
Rather than this feeling
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 0 0
Once there was a dream
To happiness
To be a Bride
To have a perfect life
Once there was a dream
Where I held you
I held our child
We held our love
Once there was a dream
But now I’m afraid
To believe
To have
Now there is no dream
Only pain
Only tears
Only a broken heart
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Nagisa :icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 2 5
Untitled 12172012
A withering flower
Well past its time
Lives in the delusion
of the glory youthful
Should it ever wake
from its peaceful illusion
to find the truth
it was never beautiful?
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 0 1
As I wish for the barrier to separate us,
you only seem to sink in deeper and deeper.
With the fang of desire
And a sickening venom
that makes me decay,
but I can't say no,
Because it makes you happy
no matter what I feel.
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 2 5
I wait
and pray
for it to come.
To open the
envelope and
read everything
you wrote.
In truth, honesty,
love , and hope
to see each
other again.
I write countless
things and countless
times I find disappointment,
an empty mail box.
Someday you'll
write back.
I'm very
but till then
I twiddle my
thumbs in a
spiraling despair.
In hopes that
one day
I get your
letter response
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 0 3
Of your dream, to your pulse
Here you lie,
asleep my darling,
in my lap.
I hold you so
close and tender
while you snooze away.
The sweet sounds
of every breath
sounds so peaceful.
You small snore
laughable but also
just too adorable.
The easy rhythm
of your breathing,
to your heartbeat.
The soft look
of a dreamy
gentle nights sleep.
The warmth of
your body so
close is enough.
As I move
to lay down
beside you always,
you jolt a
little, to my
every movement.
Holding on tighter
to me almost
asking to not go.
How could I
tear myself away?
I can not
resist that loving
face you have.
Sleep the night
away my love,
you deserve to.
I'll hold you
every second till
you wake from
your peaceful slumber.
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 3 6
Last Song
I try and try
But again I fall short
Of tune of pitch air
Whatever they say
I can't feel it
But something I know
Tells me it's true
Countlessly told
Don't! Just give up and
Do something else
It hurts to
Be told something
Like to something wonderful
That makes me
Jubilant and gives me
A fulfillment to life
But I should just listen
So I think I will
Just give up
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 0 0
Rage, Rage, Run Away
Go away
Everything just go away
I don't need you
I never did
I just used you
To survive the little
I had left
After the remains
Of me were picked
You bring a rage
An anger so bitter
It doesn't need to
Be here in me
All I want is for
All of you to go
Very very far away
Pretend I didn't existed
That's what I've done
With you all yet
You persist me in a chase
That goes round my head
Beating the very core
Of thought that makes
Makes you disappear
Just Leave
I hate you all
I don't want to see
You ever again
Or hear of you again
I don't think of you
You're nothing to me
So go away
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 1 0
Its an anger
And it's a fear
One that cant be explain
Irrational basically
That wont go away
It toils turns
And rips apart my sanity
Slowly devouring my mind
Silently each attack
Gets more and more
Turbulent for me
Can't I stop this
Unwanted behavior?
Mercy pleads in my
Own favor
To stop the torture and
Anguish I feel
Please I want to
Let this go
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 3 3
Mature content
Why cant I? :icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 2 0
Someone stop me from this
It is horrifying to the mind
a nightmare born of unnatural order
that tangles the mind
suffocating thoughts to perceive
and create a new reality
to save itself
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 2 2
Drifting in and out
I spell sleep
Like a glass
slowly trickling down
just to float
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 0 0
All the pieces of life
Its good to treasure
those little pieces of you
more than likely, you know,
it made you
awesome now
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 1 6
Float away
And in the dead of the night
just before my eyes slip away
to the wonderful dreamland
saturated with you, your
scent comes from the shirt I
stole from you long ago.
It is comforting and warm to
know that you still care and
in return I love you as well
:icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 2 5
Piggy bank :icontokyopoptoday:tokyopoptoday 1 0

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Hey Everyone!

Well not much to say besides that have been creating just not really posting anymore. Why? Maybe laziness or lack of motivation, seems to be whatever. I will be at Katsucon again and be working. I will try to post more but we always know where that goes xD Still can't promise nothing will be happy, life isn't very much so I realized. Anyway hope everyone is well

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Wednsday Wood
United States
Favourite genre of music: Alternative rock
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Favourite cartoon character: Sailor Moon
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